My First Week As A Blogger

For quite some time now I have debated whether or not to start my own blog. I refrained in the past because of, what I can only assume are, the common reasons people opt not to; no one cares about what I have to say, I have nothing to contribute to anyone’s life, maintaining a blog is too hard, yadda yadda…but I finally realized…I was wrong! Sure, not everyone will want to read about my life and opinions…but who cares?! I care about what I have to say. And who knows, maybe a few other people will too. Who’s to say that I won’t make a difference in the lives of others out there. Personally, if I can give you just ONE insight, just ONE good piece of advice, ONE minute of mindless entertainment, or even ONE smile, I’ll be one happy girl. Even if no one ever sees or reads this, it allows me to capture who I am at this point in time for as long as I wish. In the past they have done time capsules, but our generation has blogs! And if nothing else, this can be mine.

One week ago, I made the decision to FINALLY start the blog I have been thinking about for so long! After just a short week of a few little posts, the only thing I regret is not starting sooner. I had no idea that there were so many sites out there that help make it super easy for anyone to get going on their own blogs/websites! It has been so great playing with all the themes, settings and layouts and I love the fact that I can truly make the site into my own. It takes a lot of tweaking, but the end result is well worth it. The best part of all of this is having the freedom to truly post about whatever your heart desires. I have found that the most difficult thing for me to do with this is to decide what I actually want to post about. Not due to lack of ideas, but because there is literally no limit! It is my own blank canvas. Blogging has been a great way for me to exercise my, ever-so-small, creative side, and it is a project that I greatly look forward to working on when I get home from a long day’s work.

I know that I still have much to learn and a long ways to go until I’m where I really want to be, but so far I am loving every minute.

.:: ♥ ::.


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