Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Last Saturday we ventured out to the 10th Annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo! Every year the turnout for this event grows larger, and we were excited to finally get to see what everyone was talking about!

There were all kinds of amazing vendors, events and YouTubers there. Flo even got to meet and chat with a couple of his favorites that he watches! We entered a Puzzle Fighter tournament (which we did not progress in, but was still lots of fun), and Flo was also able to find some good deals and games while we were there as well. I even got a commemorative T-shirt! 😉

This was definitely an event that we will be returning to in future years. Hopefully our little girl will be as into this stuff as he is. <3

Check out some of the awesome things that we got to see at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo!!

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