Review: Tory Burch ‘Plaque’ Satchel

As you are obviously aware, as you progress through pregnancy your belly is going to get larger. It will become increasingly harder to carry heavier items (and eventually you will reach a stage where many advise against the lifting of heavy objects altogether) and complete tasks that you once did with ease. We all know that this comes with the territory.

These are the exact reasons I decided to make this purchase.

My everyday bag was a Tory Burch ‘Robinson Double Zip’ tote – if you look it up, you’ll see that it’s a pretty sizable bag – that I always carried practically filled to the brim (because if I have the space in the bag, I will find something to put in it). It had gotten to a point where I could no longer reach over to the passenger seat, grab my purse, and get out in one swift motion. Baby Beluga had become a bit of a road blocker for me. :)

I needed something smaller…something that would force me to carry less with me. Preferably a cross-body that I could throw over my shoulder and still have both my arms free – especially since baby is coming! The ‘Plaque’ satchel was exactly what I was looking for!


Though I am not the biggest fan of the name, I think it was a great solution to my problem. Even when completely full (and it does actually fit a good amount of stuff in it – see below), this bag does not feel overly heavy. I am able to walk around comfortably all day with it being stuffed. The pebbled-leather has a very sophisticated and luxurious feel to it, and the gold hardware completes the classic Tory Burch look perfectly. The sturdy cross body strap has adjustable lengths, so it can be worn by people of all heights. My only gripe is that since it is a soft leather, it scuffs and scratches fairly easy, so wear and tear will show up a little sooner than I am used to.


To wrap up; I am completely satisfied with this purchase and am very happy that I decided to make the switch to something smaller! The above picture is everything that I normally carry now. It is also worth noting that there is still space in the bag! I have often added my point-and-shoot camera inside its carrying case as well as a bag of snacks.

Here is a summary of my thoughts:

– Pros –
Sturdy, luxurious feel to bag
Fits a sizable amount of stuff
Comfortable cross-body option
Lovely golden hardware

– Cons –
Pebble-leather scuffs/scratches easily
A bit pricey

Click here to see where I purchased mine!

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